Foreclosure Scams. Yikes!

In this article, writer Alfred Edmond Jr. gives some helpful tips to look out for to avoid Foreclosure scams. Apparently, foreclosure scams have been on the rise and have done immense damage to homeowners credit, finances, and the actual act of robbing peoples homes. People in the situation of foreclosing homes are found to be very vulnerable, and can be led astray given their current circumstances. In this article he stresses the importance of not filling out blank paper work sent from the mail. Any random paperwork sent to you is most likely a scammer, given the fact that the only paperwork that will be given will already have your information on it from your mortgage lender. Lastly he confirms the suspicion of people wanting to regulate your situation with any Mortgage lender, any contact about your home being foreclosed should be regulated between yourself and the mortgage lender, never let anyone speak for you.


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